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Beauty Contest

We are happy to inform you that we arranged a beauty contest. To find out most beautiful girls around the globe. A different type of contest. A different way to know your demand.


Beauty Contest rules/information:

01. Send a Photo to us Click Here Our team will select your pic if they think it ok. We will then place it to our respected page. People will share, like, tweet this photo. You can inspire your friends to vote for your pic. We have around 800 locations with 1600 Beautiful Girls Photo on this website. Your task is to share and discuss about these photos. It can be Facebook profile, facebook group, facebook page, google plus, tweeter, blog, personal website, discussion forum or any place on the net.

02. We have volunteers around the globe who will search and check your sheared content. too

03. We may run this contest for many years. Every year we will award prize.

04. We will mail you whenever you are selected for a prize.

05. It is easy. will not kill your time.

Send your Photo Now (Your Personal or an uncommon public photo)

Forbidden :

01. Do not share on p.o.r.n/matured content website.

02. Do not share on drug/gun product sites

03. Do not share on those types of sites termed as illegal.

04. Picture or Link should be shared. Should be clickable.


Prize: We have hundreds of prizes for you. From smartphone/camera to GiftBox. We will select additional 10 contestant as a part time employee (online work) for our website at higher salary.


So start sharing from today. We will find you out.

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